hey there!
i'm looking to trade ebooks - i need PDF format, because i don't have any ereader programs/a kindle or anything - i have all of the regular series books & all of the regular super specials (145 books in total) in PDF format, as well as epub & mobi formats. i am looking for the mysteries, super mysteries, portrait collection, friends forever, california diaries & little sister series. if anyone has those in PDF & would be interested in a trade, hit me up in this post or send me a message!

thanks for reading!

Complete Set - York PA/Baltimore MD

Hi guys! I have a complete set of BSC & Little Sister Books I'm looking to sell. I don't want to ship, so I live in the York, PA (kinda close to Baltimore, MD) area. I really don't have a price in mind, so make an offer. Includes all the regular BSC books, super specials, mysteries, etc and all the Little Sister Books.

They're in two big bins and have been for a few years. I was saving them for my daughter to read, but she's not interested :(
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18" Kristy doll

I have an 18" Kristy doll that I bought new back in the mid-90s. It's out of the box and doesn't have the book or the whistle, but does have the rest of the clothes. In good condition, has sat in a display case for the last 15 years or so. $5 plus the cost of shipping. I'd prefer US or Canada only but if you're international and really want it, we'll talk. I'll post a picture if requested.

Selling my entire collection

Hi everyone

I'm looking to sell my entire collection of babysitter club books. I have them listed on ebay, but I would be willing to work something out with any of you on here. 
Here is a link to the ebay listing. Feel free to send me a message on ebay or on this web site.

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BSC/SVH/SVU book for sale

Hello all! I have several books for sale (I'm open to trades, but I generally am looking for the foreign language or foreign editions right now). I have pictures of all the books, but I'll try to do my best to honestly describe them. Make me an offer on any of the books and we'll see what kind of deal we can strike. Since this is a new thing for me, I only ship to the U.S. and you pay for shipping (but I won't tack on any extra handling charges b/c I always hate that on ebay). I'll only accept paypal right now, but if that's not doable for you, let me know and I'm sure we can work something out. If you have any questions or would like to see a pic of any of the books, leave me a comment or you can contact me at
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BSC (old covers)
#2- Claudia and the Phantom Phone Call- crease on front cover, but otherwise good condition
#5- Dawn and the Impossible Three- cover has a small rip on back cover and otherwise not great cover condition
#9- The Ghost at Dawn's House- name sticker on first page and slight rip to binding
#10- Logan Likes Mary Anne!- small rip in cover
#15- Little Miss Stoneybrook... and Dawn- crease on front cover
#17- Mary Anne's Bad-Luck Mystery- corner missing on cover
#18- Stacey's Mistake- VG condition
#19- Claudia and the Bad Joke- creases in the cover
#20- Kristy and the Walking Disaster- spot on the corner of the cover/sticker residue
#24- Kristy and the Mother's Day Surprise- creases on the cover
#46- Mary Anne Misses Logan- slight blemish on the binding
#52- Mary Anne + 2 Many Babies- creases on the cover

(new cover)
#34- Mary Anne and Too Many Boys- VG condition

#6- Dangerous Love- binding worn/address label inside of front cover
#13- Kidnapped- creases on the cover
#15- Promises- good condition, stamp inside the front cover
#18- Head Over Heels- slight crease on front cover, otherwise good condition
#21- Runaway- appears to be water damaged-  I'll throw it in for free if you order something else
#22- Too Much in Love- crease on front cover
#23- Say Goodbye- VG condition
#24- Memories- tape residue, but otherwise good condition
#25- Nowhere to Run- crease on back cover, but otherwise good condition
#38- Leaving Home- starting to peel around binding
#54- Two-Boy Weekend- (2 copies)- black spot on binding and sticker torn some color off cover/copy 2 has crease in front cover
#96- The Arrest- VG condition
#99- Beware the Baby-Sitter- VG condition
#102- Almost Married- slight crease on front cover, but otherwise VG condition
A Killer on Board (Super Thriller)- looks like a dog might have bit the top of the book
Stranger in the House (Super Thriller)- cover has a prison bar missing and one loose (makes sense if you see the cover)

SVH senior year
#9- The One That Got Away- VG condition, but ex-library, so has plastic coating on cover
#17- Backstabber- binding slightly broken, but otherwise VG condition

#7- Good-bye to Love- VG condition
#8- Home for Christmas- binding slightly broken, but otherwise good condition
#25- Busted!- rip on back cover and sticker took off color off the cover
#34- Spy Girl- binding slightly broken, name in front cover, but otherwise good condition
#41- Escape to New York- VG condition, but ex-library, so has plastic coating on cover
#54- Rush Week- back cover has corners missing and binding broken
Face It (Super Edition)- imperfections on the cover, but otherwise good condition
Wanted for Murder (Thriller Edition)- binding slightly broken, but otherwise good condition
The Roommate (Thriller Edition)- VG condition
Running for Her Life (Thriller Edition)- cover has creases and binding slightly broken
What Winston Saw (Thriller Edition)- slight crease on front cover and binding slightly broken

SV Twins
#87- The Mother-Daughter Switch- VG condition

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the books i have for buy or trade are...
super special 1: Babysitters Island vacation (taped up)
super special 2: Babysitters' Summer Vacation (taped up)
super sepcial 3: Babysitters' Winter Vacation (taped up)
super special 4: Babysitters' Island Adventure (taped up)
super special 5: California Girls (fair condition)
super special 7: Snowbound (good condition)
super special 7: Snowbound (good condition)

(the taped up books can come in a set for trade of one of your books or add one for free to another trade or sale)

regular series
(old cover) 36: Jessi's Baby-sitter (fair condition)
(old cover) 38: Kristy's Mystery Admirer (fair condition)
(old cover) 78: Claudia and the Crazy Peaches (fair condition)
(old cover) 84: Dawn and the School Spirit War (fair condition)
(new cover) 89: Kristy and the Dirty Diapers (good condition)

1: Stacey and the Missing Ring (fair condition)

Friends Forever
1. Kristy's Big News (fair condition)

Little Sister
2: Karen's Roller Skates (good condition)
5: Karen's School Picture (good condition)
5: Karen's School Picture (good condition)
6: Karen's Little Sister (good condition)
6: Karen's Little Sister (good condition)

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[WW] one last glance

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I'm looking for a bunch (way more than I'd like -- *sigh*) of BSC books to round out my collection. I've had a hard time finding what I need because I'm a little picky about the state of my books. If you have any of the following books in good condition, I will gleefully pay or trade for them.

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And here's what I have for trade, if you don't want cash or to PayPal it up:

49. Claudia and the Genius of Elm Street (old cover; excellent condition)
50. Dawn's Big Date (old cover; very good condition)
51. Stacey's Ex-Best Friend (old cover; good condition)
52. Mary Anne + 2 Many Babies (old cover; very good condition)
65. Stacey's Big Crush (old cover; good condition)
102. Mary Anne and the Little Princess (fair condition)
110. Abby the Bad Sport (good condition)
111. Stacey's Secret Friend (very good condition)
122. Kristy in Charge (fair condition)
123. Claudia's Big Party (fair condition)

You can either message me here, or e-mail me at ms [dot] cellophane [at] gmail [dot] com. :-) Thanks for taking a minute to look!

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Selling off all of my duplicate BSC books!

Hi everyone! My husband is getting laid off, and since our housing is provided by his work, we need to move in less than 2 weeks! 

Unfortunately, because of the time crunch, I am only taking PayPal. I am really sorry, I know that doesn't work for all of you. I promised him that whatever I didn't sell here would go in a big lot on eBay or given to charity. He's really tired of taking a massive stack of duplicate BSC books with us when we move. 

I will ship for free within the US if you buy $10 or more worth of books, otherwise you pay shipping. I am happy to ship overseas, but be warned the shipping gets really expensive (they recently raised rates). Let me know if you want to see my feedback on eBay/Paperbackswap/Bookmooch.

I don't have time to take and post pictures of everything, but if you're curious about what some of the foreign covers look like, let me know and I can probably find links to pictures. I am happy to answer questions about the condition of specific books. 

This is long, but read through the whole thing, there are lots of goodies

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I think that's everything! To order or ask questions, email or comment here.
Mimi The Muse

Books for Sale!

Things are really quiet at BSC_Trade, so I thought I'd post my sales list here. I have alot of the early series, original covers, a few new covers for the older books, some Little Sisters and three California Diaries. Now that I have the ebook versions, I can save some space and let my hard copies go. (Okay, and I might be trying to save for American Girl Emily before she's archived, lol.)

Thanks for looking! :)

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